International Man - businessman, singer, photographer Neal Golden brings his favorite tunes & messages to Africans.

The Internet Radio streamed station will be picked up and re-broadcast by terrestrial FM stations in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Bounce Foundation - begun by 12 thirteen year old girls, is a Public Non-Profit Foundation (501 c 3).

The Bounce Foundation is able to take tax-deductible donations. 

The funding will go primarily to the securing of an FM station, or station  subcontract, in Kenya

 - Golden Africa Overview - pdf
 - Stephen Hawes - Epidemiologist - pdf

206-459-7676 - 425-679-6268.

International Summer School (ISS) - Oslo '07

Singer Neal Golden and daughter, Natasha, present their "Imagine" concert to (532) attending students from 100 nations at Blindern (University of Oslo) '07.

Golden hopes to receive papers, support and further in-country help from African students returning home to their African nations.

The study topic of the summer was "How best to employ FM radio in Africa to address the prevention of HIV/AIDS at core level to the most at-risk people. 

GOLDEN RADIO AFRICA - will seek to provide 24/7 content most desired by the target group's. In this 24/7 musical program the plan is to insert public awareness ads, host competitions to win valuable prizes - Golden Condoms, Golden Radios & to those who qualify, Micro loans for entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Golden Condom. "Keep Us On! We'll Keep You Safe." 

Draft - Internet Radio model with theme, music, content, bridges, interviews presented in Beta test format for your 24/7 listening enjoyment.

Neal's  #1 Hero - Nkosi Johnson
The HIV/AIDS pandemic is threatening, not only Nkosi Johnson's S. Africa, but many cultures and nations of the world.

Golden Radio's message of Consistent, Constant, Correct Condom usage, as the primary "best method" to prevent HIV/Aids, distributed by FM radio as a cultural drumbeat 24/7, featuring the most appealing music a culture of at-risk people want, could start anywhere.. Why Africa?
Why Country music?

Why Kenya, as the pilot test?

Why Neal Golden... as Host, Lead Singer, Entrepreneur?

The FM portable radio for  Africa and listening 24/7 to Golden Radio Africa.

Regular listeners can qualify for a FREE radio through women's affidavits of their men's constant use of Condoms. 

Golden Condoms and FREE clinic visits and HIV Tests are also prizes.

AM-FM hand radio.
About $6 cost.

Hand battery-charger
makes it suitable 
for all parts of Africa.

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